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Election Results for Next Academic Year (2012-2013)

Congratulations to our new and returning execs & chairs!

Here are the results:

President: Emily Bielejec
Vice President: Meg Callaghan
Secretary: Maureen Hofman
Treasurer: Ross Mazur
USA Representative: Matthew Gretton
Energy Chair: Ryan Smith
Special Events Chair: Lauren Alteio
Recycling Chair: Leah Davis
Historian: Alexis Zambalas
Composting Chair: Binyamin Lightfoot
Notebook Chair: Isabella Garramone
Gardening Co-Chairs: Noah Pasqua-Godkin, Ross Mazur
Zero Waste Chair: Frannie Monasterio


GCI Holds Elections

Hey GCI-ers, Get out the vote at our next meeting, this Thursday March 27th – 7pm in Moon 19! We will be voting for officers for the next academic year including the role of president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, recycling chair, compost chair, garden chair, notebook chair, zero waste chair, energy chair, USA representative and historian! So many positions to fill for next year!